About This Manual

The purpose of this manual is provide necessary info about OpenCPN development for new and old contributors. It is an updated work based on the previous manual which still is available in the

The manual is written for readers with basic programming skills.


The first section, OpenCPN Development, contains info on how to build the main program and how to contribute to the OpenCPN project.

The second section, Plugin Development, covers development and maintenance of plugins. This includes programming info like API and other interfaces, build setup and plugin deployment.

The Resources section contains various useful resources, notably on-line NMEA tools.

The Manual Maintenance section does indeed cover how to contribute to this manual

Sections Index

We need to have links to the following because the index to the right does not expand when first opened (or we need to fix that!) Also I think these main heading should have links anyway, and they do not because there is no page or documentation for them.

Indroduction OpenCPN Development Plugins Development Plugin Manager Installer Documentation Plugin Manual and several other important links